KIT DOWNES  organ, piano
PHIL DONKIN electric bass, double bass

AKI is comprised of swiss singer and songwriter Lucia Cadotsch and three Brits; pianist/organist Kit Downes, bassist Phil Donkin and drummer James Maddren. The origins of the group stem from a longstanding collaboration between Cadotsch and Downes, who together wrote many songs where Cadotsch’s blend of imagery and wordplay fuse beautifully with the rich musical landscape provided by Downes. The idea to add a rhythm section was borne out of the desire to expand the sonic possibilities, and to inject the music with fresh input and perspective. Maddren and Downes have been very close musical partners for almost two decades, and the depth of this connection is felt deeply in this music. Maddren doesn’t just provide the role of a drummer but also adds tension, suspense and excitement. To complete the band, Donkin who also has partnered Maddren and Downes in various ensembles since the mid-2000’s provides the glue for this Smorgasbord of elements to blend seamlessly. Donkin and Cadotsch have been neighbours in Berlin for over a decade, and after the years-long desire to work together, this group provides the perfect template.

The compositions are malleable in nature, in that whilst having concrete essences in their mood and imagery, there is still so much room for creativity and contrast. This perhaps makes sense, given the jazz-background of all members. That every performance is different is a goal and a priority, but somehow the root idea of each song remains constant.


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