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Berlin - Kantine am Berghain

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Album Out: 27.04.2017

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explore rendition universe by clicking the star constellations

explore rendition universe by clicking the star constellations

joy amma kesewa frempong

Willow Weep For Me

living in: berlin

star sign: skorpion

musical soulmates (†): nina simone, györgy ligeti

musical soulmates (*): anna meredith, tune-yards, tame impala

what keeps you alive: hope, smiles, and music, of course!

known for: loopiloopiloopi



Ain‘t Got No

living in: berlin

star sign: pices

musical soulmates (†): the usual suspects

musical soulmates (*): moderat, bobobo, fink, lapalux, depeche mode

what keeps you alive: wine, water

known for: extended versions


Frans Petter

Some Other Spring + Speak Low

living in: Airbus

star sign: Jungfrun

musical soulmates (†): Minnie Riperton

musical soulmates (*): Brandy Norwood

what keeps you alive: Guts

known for: Bass


Evelinn Trouble

Slow Hot Wind

living in: berlin

star sign: cancer / sagittarius rising

musical soulmates (†): Karen Dalton, Abbey Lincoln, Jimi Hendrix, Franz Schubert

musical soulmates (*): everyone I play with <3

what keeps you alive: coffee and hope for a better future of this world

known for: electrifying behaviour, forgetting faces and names, emotional activism and dilettante guitar solos.


Dan Nicholls

deep song

living in: london

star sign: Technoid

musical soulmates (†): Julius Hemphill, Daphne Oram, Joe Maneri, Conlon Nancarrow

musical soulmates (*): Liv Nicholls (aged 1 year and 3 months)

what keeps you alive: Speedballs, Clarkey-cats, Mescaline, Pop Tarts

known for: Strobes, some stuff with Squarepusher and Matthew Herbert...




living in: berlin

star sign: Kräfta

musical soulmates (†): Otis Redding

musical soulmates (*): Shuggie Otis

what keeps you alive: Laughing

known for: Speaking a lot


Marc Lohr

Strange Fruit

living in: berlin

star sign: sagittarius

musical soulmates (†): mark bell

musical soulmates (*): milford graves

what keeps you alive: food

known for: his work as a spy


julian sartorius

Don‘t Explain + Speak Low

living in: a drum set

star sign: drummer

musical soulmates (†): drummers

musical soulmates (*): drummers

what keeps you alive: drumming

known for: drumming


Marc Neyen

Moon River

living in: Limbo

star sign: Taurus

musical soulmates (†): -

musical soulmates (*): Recently on heavy rotation‚ Skiptracing (Album) by Mild High Club

what keeps you alive: -

known for: Archipel.cc


Colin Vallon

Willow Weep For Me

living in: Basel

star sign: Scorpio

musical soulmates (†): Sviatoslav Richter, John Coltrane, Mahalia Jackson

musical soulmates (*): Bulgarian Radio Choir, Bob Dylan, Swans

what keeps you alive: life

known for: his punctuality


Don Philippe

Moon River

living in: berlin

star sign: Sagittarius

musical soulmates (†): Thelonious Monk

musical soulmates (*): Wun Two

what keeps you alive: Dreaming

known for: Freundeskreis



lucia cadotsch

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