LIUN + The Science Fiction Band

WANJA SLAVIN synths, saxophone
ANDI FINS synths

„Your album is sooooo killing. Extra extra good. I love it.
Congrats, for me it’s an instant classic.“

Kurt Rosenwinkel

„Synthpop für die Menschen von übermorgen“. Francesco Wilking

LIUN The Science Fiction Band is the creative product of Lucia Cadotsch and Wanja Slavin’s obsessive exploration of the interplay between musical genres and also their own complexly woven reference points. They create a contemporary expression that merges the digital and analogue worlds. 

It all started in 2012 in a secluded cabin in the forests of Brandenburg when the world was supposed to end and where the duo spent three months writing songs and watching splatter movies, waiting for the apocalypse. Sadly nothing exciting happened but the recordings made during this time pushed them into new territories that would accompany each artist as they evolved in the years that followed. 

LIUN The Science Fiction Band meanders between dark, forceful beats and fragile melodic contours. Wanja’s complex, multilayered arrangements are contrasted with Lucia’s frank and translucent voice that cuts through the clutter.

Struggling to find the ideal band set up, it seemed like a never ending passion project. Finally, the duo decided to record a “fictional” band and Wanja took on many roles and instruments in order to achieve a progressive, orchestral sound. Berlin’s diverse music scene pitched in and contributed with harps, trumpets, flutes and trombones to add warm textures to the synthetic sound landscape. The result is a phantasmagorical world that mirrors our contemporary state as an absurd, but wonderful combination of natural and virtual elements.

“This album is a time capsule that captures different states of my personality between 2013 and 2018. It’s a kaleidoscope of memories, thoughts and feelings of the past five years.”
Lucia Cadotsch

“Playing most of the instruments as well as arranging, producing and mixing simultaneously, felt like an octopus playing a cinema organ.”
Wanja Slavin



„(…) Highlight dürfte aber Liun sein, das Alter Ego von Yellow-Bird-Vokalistin Lucia Cadotsch, die „amazing mystery music“ verspricht.“ 12.08.2015, ZITTY über die Premiere auf der Serious Series, Uferstudios Berlin

„(…) Lucia Cadotsch und Wanja Slavin hingegen feierten an diesem Abend die Premiere ihres neuen Projektes LIUN & The Science Fiction Band unter tosendem Applaus und Zugabe-Rufen. Kaum zu glauben, dass sich diese Band ins Brandenburger Land verschanzt hatte und ihre beeindruckenden Kompositionen all zu lang unter Verschluss hielt. Der Mix aus Sythesizerklängen, orchestralen Arrangements und Lucia Cadotsch’ wunderbaren Stimme vereint Pop mit Science Fiction und zollt dabei ihren Idolen Nofretete, Scarface, Peter Greenaway, Kiddo, Nina Simone und Alfred Schnittke Tribut.“
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